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Remarkable Students, Outstanding Opportunities

Noe Vital, Jr. BBA’15 took full advantage of what the Wisconsin School of Business has to offer and found outstanding opportunities.

Noe Vital, Jr. BBA ‘15

The Wisconsin School of Business attracts a diverse student body, some with remarkable stories of struggle and accomplishment. Many of these exceptional students come to the business school not only to create a better life for themselves but also to give back.

Noe Vital, Jr. BBA’15 was just such a student. He graduated with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship and is a first-generation college student. Vital’s parents are immigrants who moved to the U.S. so that their children could have a better education.

At WSB, he has fulfilled his parents’ dream for him by taking full advantage of what the school has to offer. In his time at the UW, Noe served as a BBA Ambassador, connecting with prospective business school students and helping to lead a student-centered recruitment effort to help prospective students connect with the student community. He competed in the G. Steven Burrill Business Plan Competition, working closely with the Initiative for Studies in Transformational Entrepreneurship (INSITE). Vital will use both of these experiences as he works to start his own business after graduation.

Vital’s story is closely connected to WSB donors: the scholarships he received were what allowed him to earn his degree. Vital said that these scholarships meant more to him than financial security. Knowing that there were supporters gave him added motivation to succeed. It’s a success story that should make WSB donors very proud

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