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Josh Bycel ’93 is the writer for USA Network’s Psych, and guilty as charged of adding the above-mentioned former Badger athletes to the show’s script.

During the episode, “Any Given Friday Night,” main character Shawn Spencer singles out five football players and their positions on a white board: Bevell (wide receiver), Fletcher (quarterback), Dayne (center), Bollinger (cornerback) and Calderwood (running back). The references to their positions are noteworthy, as they had to be presented with different positions from the ones they actually played at the UW for legal reasons. Bycel selected these five Badgers for various reasons.

“I chose those guys because, well ... Bevell led us to the first Rose Bowl, Dayne is obviously Dayne, and Terrell Fletcher and I lived in the dorms together,” he says. “And Ty Calderwood was just one of my favorite [basketball] players.”

A dedicated and accomplished Badger, Bycel’s talents stretch far beyond the entertainment realm. When not plugging references for his fellow Badgers in the world, he serves as director of his nonprofit OneKid OneWorld, an international education and sports-based grassroots organization that aids students in rural Kenya. Bycel was honored with a 2008 Forward under 40 award from the Wisconsin Alumni Association for his efforts.

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