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They’ve thrown their caps, downed their celebratory pitcher at the Terrace, and enjoyed their first walk through Alumni Park as alumni, but now where do these intrepid mustelids go? The fifth-most-popular destination is New York: at least 11,868 Badgers have badgered their way to the Empire State. Next up is California, with 25,259 Badgers who got tired of the cold weather and wisely chose to migrate to that sunny state. The top three, unsurprisingly, are all Midwestern states (dontcha know?). Eking out third place is Minnesota, with 25,953 Badgers, but only 10,000 lakes … who knew? Second place goes to Illinois with 31,164 Badgers who moved “down south.” And last, but not least, Wisconsin takes the cheese with 163,831 Badgers remaining in-state to make America's Dairyland even better … if that’s possible. Honorable mentions go to all of the more than 10,699 international alumni residing around the world.

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