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Oh, to Be a Student Again!

We asked Badgers to share what they wish they had now as an adult that they had as students. Here are some of the things they mentioned.

UW-Madison students walking down bascom hill

A month off over the holidays, three months off over the summer, a week for spring break.

Durell V.

Many wonderful friends I spent time with nearly every day.

Korey K.

Youth, and seemingly unlimited possibilities.

Sue J.

A very walkable world filled with fun, smart, optimistic, passionate people who worked hard and played hard.

David S.

Going to lots of movies at night in the lecture halls! Hearing the crew team practice on Lake Mendota early on a Fall morning and having an awesome view of the lake from my dorm room at Liz Waters (Trilling House). Meeting so many awesome people from many walks of life. The Farmers market on the Capital Square. Just some of many, many things! I loved my years at this great institution!

Carrie K.

People constantly stimulating my brain. And the campus energy.

Abigail G. C.

Idle daydream time by Lake Mendota

Sebastian K.

All the great sport facilities within walking distance.

Ingmar V.

Football Saturdays and walking to and from the game with the hoards from the dorms.

Beth E.

A social media-free life. Sooooo glad my college days weren’t documented!

Carol A. F.

Babcock Hall ice cream

Steven H.

The Pail and Shovel party (oh the humor of Flamingos on the Hill and the Statue of Liberty in the lake), the challenge to succeed in a Sifting and Winnowing environment and the friendship and support of Chi-O friends.

Bridget H.

The ability to function on very little sleep.

Jay C.

The workout of walking Bascom Hall hill each day!

Jennifer P.

Student season tickets for hockey and football.

Evan R.

Free access to lectures, events, etc. Student discounts.

Julia E.

All my besties just down the hall.

Heather J. F.

The dream of all the possibilities.

Cynthia A.

Hope and dreams and a sense of complete confidence to get there.

Holly F.

Friday nights with friends that somehow always ended with ice cream treats!

Ericka S.

An abundance of coffee shops.

Rachel S.

Actually, I really liked studying.

Fins M.

A month off around the holidays!

Lauren N. B.

Simplicity of life. Ability to go where your heart takes you without overweighting all the risks.

Benjamin Y.

Riding my bike all over campus.

Peggy K.

Endless opportunities, being surrounded by smart, vibrant people, the beauty of the campus and the lake, 10-cent shrimp at the White Horse Inn’s happy hour, and pizza from Pizza Pit.

Michelle S. H.

More carefree time, Fridays that start at 12:05 at the earliest, the Terrace within walking distance (actually, everywhere I need or want to be within walking distance), lake views, free gym memberships, Steep and Brew, Joe Hart’s Long Island iced teas, The Mifflin St. Co-op, guerrilla cookies, and Scanner Dan keeping us safe.

Kim D.

Fudge bottom pie.

Amy K. C.

Rocky Rococo's pizza; Parthenon gyros and fries; Memorial Union Terrace; and walking the Lakeshore Path from Memorial Union out to Picnic Point.

James R.

Orange chocolate chip ice cream at Memorial Union. Beautiful lakeside hangout with bright colors and sailboats.

Leslie W.

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