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The dynamic Roberto Rivera ’04 is coming to Building Badger Leaders to explain how cooperation among the generations can transform our society.

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Building Badger Leaders Speaker Spotlight: Roberto Rivera ’04

On Friday, Oct. 28, at 10:15 a.m., Roberto Rivera will present “Beloved Community Remixed” at the Building Badger Leaders conference, sponsored by the Wisconsin Alumni Association. Renowned for his dynamic speaking style and innovative message, Rivera will deliver a talk that promises to be one of the most exciting moments of the conference.

“I really value being able to communicate with people in ways that hit them in the head and hit them in the heart,” he says.

Rivera is guided by research, but he also explains that “For me, a lot of what I say comes directly from my own personal transformation.”

Rivera’s talk will reveal the profound value that comes from connecting the generations. He believes that fostering this connection is so essential that without it, no real progress can be made on our most important social issues.

The challenges of intergenerational communication are widely known, but Rivera brings to the table a creative and thoughtful way of approaching them. Building Badger Leader attendees will be empowered to reach out across generational lines to discover transformative solutions.

“There’s a movement happening right now where young people are stepping up,” says Rivera. He cautions, however, that if cooperation is lacking among young people and the older generations, “it’s not going to work.”

Be there at Building Badger Leaders to find out how to cross the generational divide to make things work better at the university, in your community, and in your own life.

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