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The UW–Madison campus has four buildings that have earned National Historic Landmark status — meaning that the federal government has cited them as among the 2,500 places in the country with the most historical significance. These include the Armory and Gymnasium (the Red Gym), which hosted the 1904 Wisconsin Republican Convention that launched the Progressive Movement; North Hall, which is the UW’s oldest building (1851) and the first campus building to be named a landmark (1965); Science Hall, which was home to some (literally and figuratively) groundbreaking geology studies and may be the oldest building in America with a steel skeleton; and the Dairy Barn, which housed the discovery of vitamins by UW researchers. Campus has a great many historical buildings, but only these four have received the U.S. government’s highest historical-architecture honor. (We would have put Gordon Commons on the list as the place where Juston Stix were created, but nobody asked us.)

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