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From Nashville to Norway…

Meet WAA’s most infamous globetrotter.

Flat Bucky traveling with alumni.

Who’s known for wearing red and traveling the world? If you said Carmen San Diego, you wouldn’t be wrong. But think a little closer to home. A little taller, perhaps. And a little … furrier? That’s right, Bucky Badger is an avid globetrotter. But he’s not exactly the lightest packer. As a good-looking Badger with a passion for fashion (come on, just look at that striped sweater!), he brings along an outfit for every occasion. Since 2012, WAA members have been accompanying Bucky on his various travels: from the North Woods of Wisconsin to the Great Wall of China and just about everywhere in between. Here are all of Bucky’s greatest adventures:

[This photo gallery is temporarily unavailable]

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