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Naming Rights for Red Gym Sold to Red Bull

Badgers grow “wiiings.”

The Red Gym

In an unprecedented deal, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has agreed to sell the naming rights of the iconic Red Gym to energy-drink giant Red Bull, renaming the building the Red Bull Gym. Red Bull is currently available in more than 170 countries, with more than 68 billion cans consumed annually, but the company is looking to accelerate its growth substantially over the next 31 years. With the UW student population exceeding 40,000 students, UW–Madison is a B1G part of that strategy.

According to Red Bull spokesperson Amina Litty, the company is celebrating the sale of its first drink on April 1, 1987 — and what better way could there be to celebrate this anniversary than by announcing a game-changing partnership with one of the world’s greatest public universities?

Because of the partnership, the Red Gym will undergo some dramatic renovations courtesy of the financial support and sponsorship of Red Bull. The upgrades will start swiftly in the spring of 2018 so that the building and surrounding areas can be prepped for a full and exciting event season in 2019. Some of the renovations include a Bowser-themed game room, Ping-Pong tables, rooftop green space, and study pods equipped with Wi-Fi and charging stations. The goal of the remodel is to maintain the historic exterior of the Red Gym while improving the overall functionality of the space and adding a vibe that screams joie de vivre!

Red Bull is also hoping to increase its market share with UW–Madison students by installing state-of-the-art “Red Bull bubblers” in the Red Bull Gym and at other select locations around campus. The unlimited supply of Red Bull bubbling out of these drinking fountains is sure to be of value to all of the students who are struggling to make it through all-nighters at Helen C. White or Memorial Library during finals.

As a massive supporter of extreme sports, Red Bull is making plans to host a few of its premier sporting events on the UW campus each year. Base-jumping from the roof of the Red Bull Gym, mini motocross racing in the new Alumni Parking Lot, and the new Red Bull Jump & Freeze will all be part of the exciting 2019 Hoofers Winter Carnival.

Big changes are never easy, but we’re hoping that a boost from a cold, free Red Bull — anytime! — will help Badgers to grow “wiiings” as we move the university forward. If you have suggestions on what events that you would like to see hosted at the new Red Bull Gym, please email Dexter at

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