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In 2018, Susan G. ’68 asked what the UW’s most popular major was. Based on degrees conferred at graduation, the answer back then was biology, followed by economics, psychology, political science, and communication arts. The top five majors today include some of the same areas of study, but with a few shake-ups. As in many sectors of society, the machines are taking over. Computer sciences now reigns supreme in the major popularity contest — 735 undergraduate computer scientists graduated from the UW throughout the 2021–22 academic year. Economics and psychology have maintained their respective second- and third-place spots. In fourth place is the finance, investment, and banking major offered by the Wisconsin School of Business. And biology has been knocked down a few pegs since 2018, but it’s still a popular choice among undergraduates, holding fifth on our popularity list. Of course, these five majors are just a drop in a very large bucket of opportunity on campus. The UW offers 125 undergraduate majors through eight undergraduate schools and colleges, and every single area of study draws the best and brightest.

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