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A better question might be, “What’s not in the Mills Music Library?” but we’ll do our best to answer yours in the space this newsletter allows. Since its early days bunking with the Mead Witter School of Music in Music Hall and, later, the Humanities building, Mills has grown from a modest departmental library into a robust repository of music history and research. Now housed in the basement of Memorial Library, Mills encompasses more than half a million titles and materials between its circulating, digital, and special collections. Such unique-to-Mills treasures include the Tams-Witmark Collection of musical theater; the Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings, one of the world’s largest collections of early 20th-century Yiddish music on cylinders and 78 rpms; and the recently acquired Jim Berkenstadt Beatles LP Collection. (Read more about this revolutionary addition in the latest issue of Badger Insider, pictured above.) The library is also home to the Wisconsin Music Archives, which showcase the sounds of the state with collections like the Paramount Records Collection, an impressive showing of blues, jazz, and other traditional Wisconsin artists; the Cuca Records Collection, an audio history of the Sauk City–based record label founded by Jim Kirchstein ’58; and collections of eminent Wisconsin musicians such as Ben Sidran ’67, Richard Davis, and Joseph P. Webster. Outfitted with enough equipment to play a century of music across its many formats and staffed by a friendly team of audiophiles with several libraries’ worth of knowledge among them, Mills is the ideal place to get better acquainted with the artists and albums you love, or to discover a new favorite.

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