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Members, to Thee We Sing

In April 2022, WAA went to the Wisconsin Brewing Company to celebrate its members, with the Band, beer, and Bucky.

WAA capped off 2022’s Member Appreciation Month with a Badger celebration.

In April 2022, more than 200 WAA members gathered at Wisconsin Brewing Company in Verona, WI, to be appreciated: the alumni association’s member appreciation celebration brought Badgers together for beer, Bucky, and an exclusive concert with the UW Band. Bucky made an appearance, as did Sarah Schutt, WAA’s executive director and chief alumni officer. Attendees were treated to Ian’s pizza, Babcock ice cream, Wisconsin Brewing beer, and a Fifth Quarter serenade. 

Bucky marks the spot: a giant, inflatable badger stood at Wisconsin Brewing.
Members of all ages enjoyed local favorites, including Ian’s pizza.
Chief Alumni Officer Sarah Schutt welcomed members and expressed her gratitude for their continued support
James Kramer ’07 is Wisconsin Brewing’s cellar manager and master blender. He raised a glass to WAA members and thanked them for joining the community.
WAA members joined in the time-honored tradition of singing “Varsity.”
Despite cool temperatures, members gathered on the patio by the fire pits.
Members brought the spirit; WAA brought the props.
Best dressed? Baby Badgers? Future members? Where can I buy those shoes?
Dr. Corey Pompey led the UW Marching Band in a performance of Fifth Quarter favorites. 
The band plays on.
U-Rah-Rah: members sang “Varsity.”
Members wore their badger best.

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