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Believe it or not, the Kohl Center floor is permanently covered with ice — at least from August through April. On days when there is a basketball game, the ice is covered with a Polar Floor layer, followed by the wood flooring that you see at every basketball game.

This wood flooring comes in four-foot-by-eight-foot, grooved sections that are each numbered and lettered, and they fit together like a puzzle. Though it takes 15 to 20 carts to hold all of the pieces, the Kohl Center crew has become so good at it that it takes only 45 minutes for a dozen people to assemble the basketball floor — or to disassemble it when going from basketball back to hockey again.

Still, the Kohl Center allocates at least a four-hour turnaround between games, and it often schedules 11 a.m. basketball and 7 p.m. hockey games when the matchups do fall on the same day.

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