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Since its early years as a group of students with a ski slide on Muir Knoll in 1931, Hoofers has grown into one of the university’s oldest and largest student organizations. Nearly 2,000 members embark on outdoor activities of all varieties, from hiking and riding, to sailing and scuba diving, to its roots in skiing (and its gnarly cousin, snowboarding). The organization also maintains the second-largest inland fleet in the nation, housing 138 boats including 91 sailboats, 40 windsurfing boats, and seven motorboats to satisfy its hydrophilic members. The 91 sailboats are made up of 27 Techs, eight Badger Sloops, 19 keelboats, nine Lasers, eight Bytes, nine scows, and, brand new this season, 11 RS Zests, the smallest sailboats used primarily for youth sailing. The boats serve every level of sailor, from novices just learning to ride the waves in club sailing lessons to the seasoned veterans of the Wisconsin Sailing Team and Hoofers Sailing Club. Whether you’re a landlubber just looking to get your feet wet in the world of water sports, or you’re ready to set sail solo, Hoofers has the boat — and, as of this summer, the shiny new marina — for you.

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