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One of the earliest references to a Homecoming court comes from a 1937 edition of the Badger, where Hal Roberts and Doris Burghardt ’40 were named king and queen of the 1936 Homecoming festivities. Although it’s always fun to wear a crown, Homecoming Court no longer exists — the last reference to it was in the 2005 yearbook. But there’s still something to celebrate the pomp and circumstance of Homecoming. In 2011, the Wisconsin Homecoming Committee created the On Wisconsin Society (TOWS) scholarship to replace the antiquated court. This annual award honors exceptional student leaders who exemplify the Wisconsin Experience. Winners have contributed to campus in a meaningful and lasting way; have made notable achievements in their academic, volunteer, or professional lives; and have, of course, shown Badger spirit with tremendous amounts of energy. Each fall, the committee selects the TOWS winners, all of whom are recognized at Homecoming events during the week and at the football game. They also receive lifetime memberships to the Wisconsin Alumni Association. (That’s a pretty sweet prize, if you ask us.)

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