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Fear not, dry-footed Badgers — the well-remembered water feature should return this summer! According to Gary Brown ’84, director of campus planning and architecture, the UW is preparing to open the spigot soon. The fountain at the center of Library Mall is officially named the Hagenah Fountain in honor of William Hagenah LLB1903, a former head of the UW Foundation. It has been part of campus since 1958, but no one has seen its waters dance freely since October 2007. (It may have run briefly in 2010, though the fountain ran into problems with its plumbing system then.) The fountain has had to defer to a lengthy series of major projects on and around the mall, but as construction for Alumni Park and the five-year renovation of Memorial Union wrap up, crews are removing staging equipment and restoring the lawn. Brown hopes that the fountain will flow again as early as June.

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