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If you’ve ever taken an early-morning (or late-night) walk down Regent Street, chances are good that you’ve fallen victim to the majestic smell of sweet, sweet donuts from the Greenbush Bakery. On March 1, 1996, lifelong Madison residents Marv and Barb Miller entered into the bakery business with the purchase of a struggling donut shop (then named Donuts Unlimited) in the shadow of Camp Randall Stadium. Marv has since earned the appropriate nickname of “Donut Man,” and it wouldn’t be hard to spot him out and about in Madison: his car boasts vanity license plates identifying him as such. Named after its neighborhood, the Greenbush Bakery is the only certified-kosher dairy kitchen between Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Chicago. The bakery makes more than 40 delicious varieties of donuts, ranging from the sour-cream old-fashioned (a Flamingle staff favorite) to apple fritters the size of Bucky’s head (approximately). Recently, the Millers opened a second location on Madison’s far-east side, where they will continue to tempt people with the sweet, sugary smell wafting from their bakery.

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