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Fun With Frank

Three lucky WAA staffers got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take Frank Kaminsky to some of his favorite UW campus hangouts.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky on Bascom Hill.

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Well, maybe the dew point could have been like 100 degrees lower and the wind less tornado-y and more summer-breeze-y, but nevertheless. Does the weather really matter when you get to spend the afternoon walking around campus with Frank Kaminsky '15?

During last season’s NCAA tournament, the Badger men’s basketball team took America by storm — not just with their success on the court, but with their goofy off-court antics. They took awkward squad selfies. They became memes. They hit on stenographers (in the most chivalrous way possible). And leading the charge was the 7-foot-tall Frank Kaminsky. The loveable giant helped put the Badger men’s basketball team on the map, and is already making a name for himself in the NBA as a Charlotte Hornets rookie. Actually, he’s making several names for himself: “Frank the Tank,” the “Sleepy-Faced Assassin,” and “Moose,” to name a few.

In July, three lucky WAA staffers had the chance to take Frank around campus to re-visit some of his favorite spots. Yes, he really is that tall. But as for his personality? Well, he was a little flat.

Frank Commutes

It makes sense that a professional athlete tends towards a healthy lifestyle. Frank arrived at our offices on a brand new Trek 7.3 FX. Though we think he may need to adjust the seat.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky near a bike.

Frank Rides a Boat

We had planned to take Frank out on a boat ride, but the wind had kicked up Mendota quite a bit. Frank politely declined, stating that he was afraid of getting seasick. Or falling off.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky on a boat.

Frank Goes to the Terrace

Like any UW student, Frank enjoys afternoons on the Terrace. Finding a seat can be hard, however, as he really only fits in the oversized chairs. He had to bribe two small children (one self-proclaimed “Queen of the Orange Chairs”) to get off this one.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky at the Memorial Union Terrace.

Frank Gets Babcock Ice Cream

NBA players run an average of five total miles per game. For Frank, the perfect post-workout or post-game snack is a scoop of Babcock ice cream. Unfortunately, he has to wait in line like everyone else.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky orders ice cream.

Frank Meets Fans

Meeting fans is just a part of being a celebrity. When these two future Badgers asked for a picture with Frank, he silently obliged.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky poses with young fans.

Frank Shops State Street

State Street is one of Frank’s favorite places for an afternoon stroll. He loves supporting local businesses, and really digs trying out new cuisines. He also thinks its funny that, standing in State Street Mall, he looks taller than the Capitol.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky on State Street Mall.

Frank Gets Buns

Our second food stop of the day was for another classic student tradition — cart lunch. The v-neck clad employee at Hot & Steamy Buns was thrilled to see his buddy Frank stop by.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky at a food cart.

Frank Leads Discussion

Of all the classrooms on the UW–Madison campus, Humanities is a bit hard for Frank to navigate. For one, it’s labyrinthian structure gets a little confusing. And secondly, he barely fits in the discussion classrooms.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky leads a class.

Frank Goes to Class

Frank knows that when you pick a seat on the first day of lecture, it’s your seat until the end. Ever the gentleman, he opts for a seat in the back row as to not obstruct anyone’s view.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky in a lecture hall.

Frank Climbs Abe

Visiting Abe is rite of passage for every UW graduate. You climb up, sit in his lap, and if you whisper your hopes and dreams into his ear, they’ll come true. For Frank, it wasn’t a “climb” so much as a really big step.

Cut-out of Frank Kaminsky on Bascom Hill.

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