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Charlie Berens to Teach Ice-Fishing Course

Outdoor UW’s newest course is getting started real soon here, folks.

Ice fishing set-up on Lake Mendota

Outdoor UW, home of the Wisconsin Hoofers, announces that it has found the perfect instructor to introduce members to the joys of ice fishing — the Badger state’s favorite cultural ambassador, Charlie Berens ’09.

“Hey der, folks,” says the state’s biggest fishing aficionado. “Come on down to the Memorial Union, and we’ll give ’er a go and get dem walleye bitin’.”

Berens is not concerned that the ice will have melted from Lake Mendota by April. “We’re gonna freeze a giant ice floe in the Wisconsin Union’s meat freezer,” he says, “and then I’ll bring my auger and we’ll float ‘er out on the lake real good there and practice drilling holes.”

But what about the possibility of the ice floe melting? “Yeah, no, not gonna happen,” he says. “Jeez Louise, you gotta have faith. First of all, have you ever spent an April in Wisconsin? Second, you bring enough beer, and no one’s gonna notice if the ice floe tips them a** over teakettle into the water.”

When Berens learned that there was one thing that Chancellor Rebecca Blank still wanted to try before she leaves Wisconsin to become president of Northwestern, he knew right away what it was. That’s right — UW–Madison’s fearless leader has somehow never had the opportunity to try her hand at ice fishing. Berens wasted no time in inviting her to be a special guest at the class.

He encourages all adventurous sportspeople to sign up real quick once at – just search for “Ice-Fishing with Charlie and the Chancellor.”

Disclaimer: Wisconsin Hoofers does not actually allow serving of alcoholic beverages at its classes.

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