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Test your brain with these campus riddles.

What’s red and striped and fuzzy all over? Test your brain with these campus riddles.

How many of these cryptic campus clues can you solve?

Question 1: On my surface, Badgers bring the heat, but my floors hide something cold underneath.

Question 2: In the cold season I’m a little shy, but come spring my waters reach for the sky.

Question 3: I’m a favorite spot for Badgers to rest, but the trek will leave you out of breath!

Question 4: Legend has it I was built upside down, and I’m full of music underground.

Question 5: I’m lined with steins and German lore, and popcorn kernels litter my floor.

Question 6: Of the two of us, I’m the younger one, but bowling and rock-climbing make me all the more fun.

Question 7: With all of the languages in which my students dabble, it’s no wonder they call me the Tower of Babel.

Question 8: My walls and dirt floors may smell of hay, but I hosted some great concerts back in the day!

Question 9: Sunset waters lap on my shores while students and alumni drink one pitcher more.

Question 10: I’m full of students with their noses stuck in pages. The most studious ones even lock themselves in cages!

Question 11: When it comes to scenic views, I’m the best seat, whether it’s up at the stars or the lake underneath — but mind the ancient burial mounds under feet.

Answer 1: Kohl Center

Answer 2: Hagenah Fountain

Answer 3: Bascom Hill

Answer 4: Humanities

Answer 5: Der Stiftskeller

Answer 6: Union South

Answer 7: Van Hise

Answer 8: Stock Pavilion

Answer 9: Terrace

Answer 10: Memorial Library

Answer 11: Observatory Hill

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