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Yes, Janet! Camp Randall did have a dormitory, though if you’re planning to re-enroll and move in there, you’re out of luck. Not too many students lived in Camp Randall, and the Stadium Dormitory closed long ago. In 1940, the UW built an addition to the east side of Camp Randall that included housing for 150 people (as well as a rifle range and facilities for boxing and wrestling). The Stadium Dormitory opened just as the United States was entering World War II, and the military took the rooms to house naval trainees. In 1945, the Stadium Dorm was divided into two houses, named for Dave Schreiner ’43 and Bob Baumann ’43 — two former football players who had died in the Battle of Okinawa. Soon after, it returned to its original purpose of housing students. But the Stadium Dorm was poorly planned, and it consistently lost money. It had too few rooms, and they were so primitive that the UW charged less for a spot at Camp Randall than it did for standard residence halls. In 1951, the university decided to turn the Stadium Dorm rooms into office space. Subsequent renovations have wiped out most traces of the dorm, but the Schreiner name lives on in Rust-Schreiner Hall, just a couple of blocks east on Orchard Street.

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