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A fun idea, but you better book that limo. The Bucky Wagon is reserved only for home football games and a limited number of special occasions on campus.

The wagon was originally used to transport shells from lake to lake for the crew team. Then, at the turn of the 20th century, fans began a tradition of pulling the football team in a "little red wagon" to and from the train station for out-of-state games. An old fire truck eventually replaced the first Bucky Wagon, an antediluvian Ford chassis with a wooden framework. The third and current Bucky Wagon is a restored 1932 LaFrance fire engine, donated in the early 1970s by Mr. ’49 and Mrs. ’48 J.J. Normington of Wisconsin Rapids. Its main purpose is to deliver Bucky and the cheerleading squad onto the football field before games at Camp Randall Stadium.

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