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Bucky List: Top Five Babcock Flavors

Babcock Dairy Hall has been doling out scoops since 1951.Based on gallons produced annually at the Babcock facility, these flavors are the most sought-after by Babcock’s loyal fans.

Small child eating an ice cream cone.

Babcock Hall Dairy Store, the campus sweet treat and breakfast Mecca nestled on the cozy corner of Linden and Babcock Drives, has been doling out scoops since 1951. Today, its reach has spread to other campus locations, offering students a campus-classic indulgence wherever their busy schedules might take them. Based on gallons produced annually at the Babcock facility, these flavors are the most sought-after by Babcock’s loyal fans:


Babcock is famous for its creatively named and well-crafted flavors (financial lemon-aid, anyone?). However, its most-produced variety is good old vanilla, a flavor that may seem bland to some, but without which some of your favorites wouldn’t exist (we see you, cookies-’n’-cream lovers).

Cookies ’n’ Cream

Speaking of which, the next favorite doesn’t stray too far from the first: cookies ’n’ cream comes in at a close second to the tried-and-true classic number one — and we can’t blame you. Whoever thought to turn America’s favorite late-night, midnight, anytime snack into a frozen dairy delight deserves an award.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

In yet another instance in which messing with a classic went terribly right, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream rings in as the third most-loved flavor of Babcock. The perfect combination of a frozen treat you’re welcome to eat, and one whose package always advises against consumption (not that we’ve ever heeded that warning), it’s a reliable go-to that’s sure to please.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Favorite number four strays from the vanilla base and adds a nutty twist. Have you ever craved a peanut-butter cup, but wanted it cold and in a cone? Enter: chocolate peanut butter. This flavor looks like pure chocolate, but one lick sends expectant taste buds into a frenzy at the harmonious intermingling of rich milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter in the perfect scoop.

Orange Custard Chocolate Chip

Perhaps one of the most exotic flavors Babcock has to offer, orange custard chocolate chip closes out our top five. Often scoffed at and overlooked by first-time tasters who opt for the safer, more traditional flavors, this Babcock original is loved by Badgers for what it is: the creamy, dreamy, nostalgic notes of a Creamsicle dotted with pleasant pops of smooth, dark chocolate. If you’ve been hesitant to give it a try, take it from the fans who put this flavor in the top five: be a little bold on your next trip to the Terrace.

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