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Although it was Valentine’s Day weekend, students living in the Southeast and Lakeshore residence halls this year didn’t hold back in the not-so-loving (but well-loved) Battle for Bascom, a snowball fight that typically takes place once a year on — you guessed it — Bascom Hill. In the battle’s 11th anniversary, the undefeated Team Lakeshore overthrew Team Southeast yet again, proving the group still dominates the steep, snowy turf. The tradition, as we know it today, began on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009. The inaugural event, coordinated over Facebook, was an effort to break an unofficial record for the world’s largest snowball fight. A snow day — the UW’s first full campus closure in almost 20 years — provided students with the perfect conditions for the face-off (there was also plenty of pre-finals stress to burn through). Even though it didn’t beat the record, the frosty feud saw nearly 4,000 participants. However, it’s believed that the 2009 Battle for Bascom wasn’t the first. More than 80 years earlier, in 1923, the UW’s law and engineering students competed in a similar powdery combat — with no documented winner.

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