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European Vacation

Ben Rusy Sr. ’51, MD’56 is the patriarch of a clan of Badgers that extends for three generations.

On a recent trip to Germany, Rusy was accompanied by 16 family members and Flat Bucky. His alumni descendants and relations include Deborah Rusy ’82, MD’92, Lynn Rusy ’82, MD’87, Mark Schessler ‘83, Blaine Renfert ‘84, Kimberly Renfert ‘84, Kara Lee Rusy ’86, MS’89, and Ben Schessler ’10, MSx’13. Also pictured are Trevor Schessler, Erin Harkin, Anita Rusy, Connor Schessler, Kyle Harkin, David and Kelli Brabson, and Austin and Logan Renfert.

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