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There are quite a lot of icons on the Badger Pride Wall, and perhaps the best way to learn about them all is to visit the wall’s page on the Alumni Park website. As you scroll left to right over the picture of the wall, you can click on any individual icon for an explanation of what’s pictured. Starting on the left side (closest to Lake Mendota if you’re actually in the park), you’ll see an image of a Picnic Point fire circle, the mis-named Miss Forward statue that stands atop the state-capitol dome, and the Armory/Red Gym. All the way on the right (closest to Lake Street in person), you’ll see flamingos, Bascom Hall, and Abe Lincoln, ending with a representation of a vitamin D molecule and the UW’s Numen Lumen seal. (And there’s a lot more in between.) The Badger Pride Wall — a six-by-80-foot COR-TEN steel wall that lights up at night — was designed by Nate Koehler, a UW–Stout grad and Madison-based artist. Trust us — you’ll want to come see it in person!

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