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If you want to be a Badger, you’ve got to know the lingo! We asked alums to share their favorite Badger-isms with us. Here are some of their favorites.

I still think, “On Wisconsin” is the best. Short, simple, and always remembered!

Karen G.

Eat a rock!

Kevin R.

Meet you at the KK.

Patti A.

Drop the puck!

Jose G.

That’s life in the Big 10.

Rich K.


Sue S.


Scott. V

Housefellow…they’re known as RA’s elsewhere! Unique to UW! 

Stephanie L.

The Fifth Quarter.

Beth E.

The NSFW saying from the 80s… I still have the sweatshirt.

Leslie P.

Ronnnnn Daaaayne!

Craig Z.

Let’s go traying! [grabs dining hall tray and runs to Liz Waters hill]

Erin H.

Scanner Dan!

Bonnie C.

Sifting and winnowing.

Laurie P.

Good evening hockey fans!

Marilyn H.

When you say Wisconsin… You’ve said it all!

Meghann M.

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