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Badger Babcock Favorites

We asked Badgers what Babcock ice cream flavor they would choose if they could only have one for the rest of their lives. We received more than 500 responses, and of the standard flavors, orange custard chocolate chip was the most popular. But we were most interested in the nonstandard flavors — maybe some will make a comeback one day, and maybe some will stay a sweet memory. Here's a Badger list of favorite gone-but-not-forgotten flavors, published verbatim.

Cherry chocolate chip was my favorite in the early 70’s.

Mary Johnson Anderson

Praise to Thee My Almond Mocha. Limited edition from the 150th anniversary

Kari Bender

Pumpkin pie marble … from the early 1980’s.

Kathleen Kasdorf

Butter Pecan. Worked in the old Union South Sweet Shoppe many, many years ago. A trained professional’s choice.

Kathleen Paquette Mitchell

‘March on Leckrone’ it was delicious!

Mika Mitmoen

Peach Melba was always my favorite!

Marisa Totero

Strawberry cream cheese!

Dana Lynn

Brownie Boat

Jace Bresina

Cherry chocolate cake from the early 1980’s. Please bring this fantastic flavor back, Babcock!

Peggy Mossman Platt

Bec-key lime pie!

Lori Schmidt

Blueberry Cheesecake

Jeff Rohrer

Very Berry Alvarez

Rick Brown

Vanilla chocolate cake, from the 80's

Toni Millan-Windorski

Fat Elvis

Sika Banini

Espresso Oreo

Laurie Wagner Rutkowski

Banana Fudge Marble!

Denny Dahmen

Sunflower seeds

Laura Grenne Welch

For a while, my favorite was carmel popcorn & peanuts … but it disappeared after a couple of seasons.

Le Elizabeth

Peppermint stick!

Merri Oxley

Egg Nog

Jodi Marie Croy

Apple strudel (early 80s)

Lori Friberg

I believe it was called Swiss Yodel Chocolate, only available at Xmas

Jenni Rintamski Strait

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