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Over the last several years, while Babcock Hall underwent major renovations and an expansion, the Babcock Dairy Store scaled back its offerings from the usual 22-plus flavors, to 11. Not to worry, though — fan favorites including Union Utopia, Orange Custard Chocolate Chip, Badger Blast, and Blue Moon remained available for purchase. While all are equally delicious, Babcock’s creations fall into four flavor categories: standard, super premium, sherbet, and featured. Most flavors use the standard recipe, which hasn’t changed since 1951, but the super premium and sherbet flavors are made with a newer, plant-based stabilizer. If you had a flavor once and haven’t seen it since, chances are it was a featured flavor. Featured flavors are limited offerings, and they typically rotate every four to six weeks. Some are made only once for a specific event, while others return seasonally. The complete slate of flavors is set to return today, April 14, when the new and improved Babcock Hall reopens. The reopening celebration — open to the public from 2 to 4 p.m. — will include tours of the new facilities, sampling stations, and the introduction of a new featured flavor named for Chancellor Mnookin. If, like us, you’re now dreaming up your own ice cream concoctions, here are 10 flavors we wish Babcock would add to their lineup.

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