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Fudge-bottom pie has been a UW–Madison culinary favorite since it was first served in the 1940s. But who developed the now-classic recipe? Well … we don’t really know for sure. Some say that the Memorial Union’s chef, Lewis Marston, was the culinary genius behind it. In fact, the Union made that statement in materials for its centennial year, saying the pie was “the work of two Union chefs, Lewis Marston and Maurice Coombs. … Marston already had the recipe when he joined the Union.” However, UW Housing cites UW Dining chef Carson Gulley as the mastermind. Gulley was certainly the more famous chef, publishing cookbooks and being one of the first African Americans to host his own TV show: What’s Cookin’. While we’re not sure who can truly claim fudge-bottom pie as their own, we are confident in naming it one of the best darned things to come from the UW. How can you go wrong with a graham cracker crust, a fudge bottom, custard filling, and whipped cream topping? If you’re feeling sentimental (and hungry), you can try the recipe yourself!

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