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Alumni Park is a green space located just to the east of the Memorial Union Terrace and to the west of the Red Gym and the alumni center. If, when you hear “park,” you think Yellowstone, then slow down: Alumni Park is 1.3 acres in area, about the size of a football field. And while it’s certainly green — it has more than 7,800 trees, shrubs, and grasses — it also includes exhibits highlighting the accomplishments of more than 130 of UW–Madison’s most notable alumni. That “more than” refers to the park’s expansion: there were 123 featured alumni when the park opened in October 2017. Next week, at its fifth anniversary, it will add exhibits for another 11 accomplished grads. The Wisconsin Alumni Association (which created the park and also sends this newsletter) will celebrate the new inductees with a party in the park on October 7. Photo by Jeff Miller, University Communications.

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