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Twin Cities Badgers Store

All proceeds support the Twin Cities Chapter, a MN 501(c)(3).

Winter hat

Stay warm this winter by dressing like your favorite badger! One size fits all.

Chapter T-shirts

Grey Wisconsin Alumni Association: Twin Cities Chapter t-shirts featuring the iconic 'cherry & spoon' design.

For the littles

Gently nudge (or brainwash) the little person in your life to attend UW, or at least represent it!

Other T-shirts

Check out our previous year's model(s). Oldies but goodies.

Pohle apparel

Did you miss out on Pohle's Badger Blast or just want to relive the experience? We've got your Pohle apparel.

Red Shirt

Black shirt

Hooded Sweatshirt

Note: This is the back of the sweatshirt. The front says 'Twin Cities Badgers' in text over the heart.