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Meet a Badger – Introducing TJ Weinaug

We'd like to introduce you to TJ Weinaug, our next featured Badger alum! He now works as a Senior Investigator of health care fraud, waste, and abuse. He also serves as the Professional Networking Committee Lead for Gateway Badgers.

  1. What is your hometown?
    My family is from Sheboygan, WI but I grew up in the Navy where the world was my hometown.
  2. Which years did you attend the UW?
  3. What was your major and what degree did you obtain?
    B.A. in History with an emphasis in American and Military
  4. Where do you live now?
    St. Charles
  5. Describe your current job and career path.
    I am currently working as a Senior Investigator of health care fraud, waste, and abuse. Graduating into the recession of 2008/2009 forced me to add additional tech and analytic skills rather than going the route of museum work.
  6. What is your favorite Badger memory?
    2006 Men's and Women's hockey teams winning the national championships in my first year at UW.
  7. How would you describe your education from the UW?
     It was a wonderful opportunity to learn from brilliant minds, on a beautiful campus, and with a wide class selection to learn in every area I that was interested in.
  8. What is your involvement with WAA: St. Louis Chapter?
    I am currently on the board working to build out our LinkedIn and other networking opportunities so that Badgers can help other Badgers develop in their career paths.
  9. Do you have any hobbies?
    I paint 28mm scale miniatures for games and still play hockey. My guilty pleasure will always be watching the Food Network.
  10. What would you tell prospective students who are considering the UW?
    You'll get out of college what you put into it and how you use the opportunities in front of you. UW will provide you with more of those than you may have ever seen and gives you access to an incredible network all over the world to be a part of. And bring a warm coat if you're not used to winter!
  11. Were you involved in any clubs, sports, or organizations?
    I was not but would strongly encourage new students to take much better advantage of this than I did.

A picture from the Minnesota game my Junior year with my sister where the Badgers had a big comeback to keep the axe. Also, thank goodness for Facebook otherwise I don't think I'd have a single picture from my college years... but in retrospect, it's probably a good thing!