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Latinx Badger Elevate ’22

A health and wellness series to enter 2022 as your best self

Manifest: Setting Goals and Creating a Vision Board

Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022

In this workshop, we learned how to pick smart, reasonable, personal goals for the new year. Presenter Vic Soto discussed how we can manifest those goals through the creation of a vision board.


Victoria “Vic” Soto ‘21

Presenter Bio

Vic Soto graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in May 2021 with a bachelor of science in social work and a certificate in Chicanx and Latinx studies. She is currently working on her master of social work degree. Soto works with the Morgridge Center for Public Service as a graduate academic liaison, while also serving as an academic lead for the Precollege Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) at East High School.

Check out the Manifest slideshow for more information from this workshop!

Invigorate: Keep Your Body Healthy and Strong

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022

This workshop, led by a medical doctor, explored how alumni can make simple, smarter health choices on a daily basis to stay healthy. Participants learned about preventive care for health issues more common in the Latinx community and walked away with workout ideas and simple recipes.


Nestor Rodriguez MD'07

Presenter Bio

Nestor Rodriguez is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and the medical director of Carbon World Health. He has a strong interest in developing an innovative and holistic approach to helping people look and feel their very best.

Check out the Invigorate slideshow for more information from this workshop!

Expand: Creating and Maintaining Wealth

Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2022

This workshop, led by a financial adviser, explored the process of setting financial goals and creating wealth via investing, short- and long-term accounts, and Roth IRAs. Alumni also dived into risk management in terms of life, health, and disability.


Roy Cambronero

Presenter Bio

Roy Cambronero works for Northwestern Mutual as a financial representative. Cambronero serves his community by equipping his clients with the financial tools to help them prepare and secure their futures.

Check out the Expand slideshow and additional resources for more information from this workshop!

Nourish: Tending to and Protecting Your Mental Health

Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2022

This workshop, led by a certified counselor, focused on how alumni can set healthy boundaries and unpack generational trauma. Attendees learned how to best support those in our circles who are going through depression, and enjoyed a guided meditation and journaling exercise.


Diana Gallardo '17

Presenter Bio

Diana Gallardo is a Mexican American, queer doctoral candidate in the counselor education and supervision program at the Pennsylvania State University. She is a certified counselor whose research focuses on structural and systemic barriers that have historically prevented Latinx students’ retention and advancement in higher education.

Check out the Nourish slideshow for more information from this workshop!

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