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Lucy Morris

Why UW-Madison?

I wanted to earn an education from a notable school in a city that I can see myself living long term and even possibly starting a family in. I saw Madison as just that. Not only are their academics some of the top in the state, but the culture as a whole really attracted me to the university.

What are you interested in studying?

I am leaning towards either Computer or Civil Engineering. I have always had an interest in math because I love the way that you are able to sort of put together a puzzle when solving the problems. Last year I tried to teach myself to code, increasing my interest in Computer Engineering. Since the start of the semester, I have been really enjoying my Engineering class, and find the design process really interesting.

Are you a first generation student?

My grandma is a UW grad. She actually lived in Sellery when she was here, and it is also where she met my grandpa. She has been very helpful and excited to aid my transition to the school, but many things have changed since she went to UW.

What is one key thing you have learned or experienced?

Although it may seem trivial and a bit funny, I have learned how to ride and take advantage of the bus system at Madison. The second day that I was here, one of my new friends and I tried to take the bus to Camp Randall to get our season football tickets. We ended up missing our stop and going far into a bordering neighborhood. Eventually we found our way to our destination, but it took quite a bit of trial and error. After an exhausting day, I had finally learned to take the bus and all the opportunities that this opened up.

Have you joined any organizations on campus?

I joined Engineers without Borders because I will be able to apply my knowledge in a way that I know will make a difference. I went to the first meeting purely for the purpose of free pizza, but I came out excited to see what I would be able to do. I also joined the Puerto Rico project, where we will be helping to plan installation of solar panels on a children's shelter.

Any words to those who donate to the WAA: Fox Valley Scholarship program?

I would like to say a big thank you! Without this scholarship, I may not have had the opportunity to attend this wonderful university. I am having an amazing time here at Madison and that is all thanks to the wonderful people who donate to this scholarship.