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Grace Rogers

Hometown: Neenah WI

Why did you decide to go to the University of Wisconsin?
I decided to go to UW because of the environment of the college. Everyone here is eager to learn and always wants to do better. I also love the immense size of campus, both the layout and the student population. The campus almost makes me feel as though we are immersed in the city rather than cut off and far away from everything. I also love that UW is home to thousands of kids from all different reaches of the world. Every day I have new experiences which was not the case at all in my hometown. As soon as I first toured UW, I knew that it would become my new home, and each day I am ecstatic that I am going here.

What are you interested in studying?
I am currently interested in pursuing a major in materials science engineering because of the versatility and social construct. With this major, I would not only be able to communicate and work with other like-minded individuals, but also, I would be able to enter multiple different fields of engineering since materials are used in many aspects of life.

How has the pandemic impacted the start of your college career?
With starting college during the pandemic, it has been a little bit of an interesting approach to college life. Living in Witte, I had to go through the entire being locked down in a dorm, and remember people doing workouts or going on runs in the hallways. Overall, the adjustment to online school has certainly needed some getting used to, however I am glad that UW has still allowed us as many opportunities as possible that also kept us safe..

Any surprises about college life that you did not anticipate?
One big surprise that I found out about college is how much of a refresher it is to get away from high school and to start somewhere new. I have gained close friends and have had experiences that I never would have imagined me having a year ago. I am surprised at how much one semester here at UW has shaped and formed me into a better person today! College has made me learn more about myself and who I am as a person more than any other experience that I have had in my life, with even the Madison environment being a key player. I know that if I went to a different college, this would reflect on me personally as well and am entirely grateful for being allowed to study and grow here.

If you could change one thing about your college experience so far, what would you change?
One thing that I cannot wait for next year that we all missed out on this year is Badger game days. I believe that they are just as important of an experience of college in line with academics and other social events. I have never gone to a Wisconsin sporting event before and was really looking forward to attend ones this year, but with COVID this was not a possibility. I am hoping that once things return to ‘normal’ I will finally be able to jump around at Camp Randall or cheer on the Badgers from the sidelines at the Kohl Center!

Any words to those who support the WAA: Fox Valley Chapter?
I would mainly like to express my gratitude and greatest thanks to all those who help donate to WAA, you have not only allowed me to pursue my education at an institution as amazing as UW, but you also allowed me to go to college with less of a financial burden than what I would have been carrying without this scholarship