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Arisai (Ari) Alamilla x’25

Hometown: Appleton

Why did you decide to go to the University of Wisconsin?

I knew I wanted to stay in state because I wanted to be somewhat close to home and although there are many options in Wisconsin, UW–Madison had so much more to offer. When I got to visit the campus, I immediately felt at home and was excited about all of the cool places to visit in Madison and events that I could attend. The education at UW–Madison was also phenomenal so I really wanted to attend and be a student here.

What are you interested in studying?

I am planning on majoring in nursing.

What is one key thing you have learned in your first year?

I have learned a lot at my time here. I have experienced developing connections with my teachers, TA’s and advisors. I have also experienced getting to know more about the campus itself and all that it has to offer to the students. The last thing I learned is that there are so many resources available to students on campus to help them succeed in their classes with free tutors or study group sessions. I have definitely taken advantage of those opportunities and they have helped me do well in my classes.

Any big surprises about college life that you did not anticipate?

I have always lived in Wisconsin so I should be used to the weather, but I did not realize just how big campus is and how long it takes to get to classes especially in the winter when it is freezing outside. The walks are dreadful at times.

Any words to those who support the WAA: Fox Valley Chapter?

I would like to thank them for their donation and let them know that I am going to try my best to succeed. I appreciate all of their help and I will forever be grateful.