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Student Scholarships


More than 50 years ago, alumni volunteers established the Wisconsin Eastern Alumni Scholarship Fund (WEASF) to expand the Wisconsin Experience to talented yet underrepresented students from NYC. Students from NYC support the enrichment of perspectives, opinions, and cultural differences that define exceptional, world-class universities like UW–Madison.

Today, WEASF makes it possible for academically exceptional minority students with significant financial need from New York City public schools to pursue their dreams at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

About WEASF Students

WEASF students are accepted to UW-Madison on their own academic merit and represent some of the brightest young people graduating from NYC public high schools. Often first-generation college attendees, WEASF students demonstrate significant financial need. WEASF scholarship fills outstanding gaps in traditional financial aid packages and funds are renewable each year provided the student maintains a C average.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, WEASF is supporting 13 exceptional Badgers hailing from NYC public schools.

About the WEASF Scholarship

Criteria for a WEASF scholarship include:

  • Students must be accepted by the University of Wisconsin
  • Students must demonstrate a significant financial need, exhibited by FAFSA EFC
  • Students must be a member of an ethnic minority

WEASF members interview each applicant to assess how likely the student is to succeed at the University and to understand how committed the student and the student’s family are to attending the University of Wisconsin.

How to Learn More & Apply

Students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and others supporting students on their university path are welcomed and encouraged to contact WEASF board president Joe Sholler ( for more information.

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