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Guidelines For Using Bucky Badger Imagery in Printed Materials and Social Media

The Bucky Badger logo is available for WAA chapters to use in marketing materials and online. Contact your chapter representative to obtain the Bucky Badger logo. All use of the Bucky Badger logo must be submitted to your chapter representative for review by the Office of Trademark and Licensing.

The official Bucky Badger logo may not be altered in any way. This includes adding clothing items or symbols to create a “theme” Bucky. The Bucky Badger logo may not be used with other words, layouts, or compositions without prior approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing. Additionally, Bucky should not be used in any other color without prior approval. All Bucky Badger images include a white outline, which means that they can be placed on any color background without affecting the appearance of the image.

Beyond your chapter logo and Bucky Badger images, chapters do not have permission to use any other Wisconsin logos or marks in chapter materials.

All promotional materials produced by chapters that include the WAA or Bucky Badger logos or any other university mark must be approved by the Office of Trademark Licensing and purchased from a licensed vendor. Chapters are encouraged to use one of the contracted, licensed vendors listed at

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