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Fill the Hill Social Toolkit

Digital assets can be found on the Fill the Hill website. Below are examples for social media posts you may use!


The #UWFlamingos are coming back October 28–29! Find out how you can enjoy flamingo fun from anywhere in the world at 

Fill the Hill 2021 is coming, and you can enjoy the flamingo foolery from anywhere in the world! Just give a gift in any amount to any UW fund from October 28 to 29 to participate. Get a preview at 


To honor legendary UW pranksters Leon Varjian x’83 and James Mallon ’79, let’s help UW–Madison get at least 1,008 gifts by 6 p.m. on Friday. #UWFlamingos 

Fill the Hill 2021 is officially underway! Between now and 6 p.m. on October 29, your gifts to our scholarship program will be matched up to $3,000 thanks to the George and Dorothy Pellegrin WAA Scholarship Endowment Fund!  Visit to join this beloved UW tradition. 

Why do flamingos lift one leg when they’re standing? If they lifted both, they’d fall over. ;) Fill the Hill 2021 has begun! Get ready for plenty of feathery foolery between now and 6 p.m. on October 29. Learn more at #UWFlamingos 

What do you call a flamingo at a red light? A flaminSTOP. ;) Fill the Hill 2021 is officially underway! Check out our progress and find more flamingo foolery at #UWFlamingos 

Looking for a special flamingo friend to share your selfies? For every $250 you give to any UW fund during Fill the Hill, we’ll send you your own plastic lawn flamingo! Visit #UWFlamingos 

What soccer position do flamingos play? Flamingoalie. ;) Speaking of goals, have you participated in Fill the Hill yet? Give a gift in any amount to any UW fund to access more online flamingo foolery. Visit now! #UWFlamingos 

What is a flamingo’s favorite game? Fla-BINGO. ;) If YOUR favorite game is supporting higher education, you’re in luck! Visit and give a gift in any amount to any UW fund to help change a life and access more online flamingo fun. #UWFlamingos 

How can flamingos surf the internet? They have webbed feet. ;) Remember, each gift (of any amount!) that the UW receives during Fill the Hill 2021 is represented by one flamingo on Bascom Hill. Check out our progress now! #UWFlamingos 

What’s with the red flamingos on the hill? Those represent gifts of $250 or more! They’re here exclusively for 2021 to help celebrate the All Ways Forward campaign, which has helped UW–Madison remain one of the world’s top institutions of higher education and research. #UWFlamingos 

Shake those tail feathers! Fill the Hill 2021 is ending at 6 p.m. TODAY! Don’t miss this grand, goofy tradition — visit to participate now. #UWFlamingos 


Thank you to Badgers and friends everywhere for making Fill the Hill 2021 a huge success! We placed XXXX flamingos on the hill, raising $XXXXX for a variety of UW programs, scholarships, research initiatives, and more. On, Wisconsin! #UWFlamingos