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Maria Alvarez Stroud Releases Debut Historical Novel

Alumna Maria Alvarez Stroud MA’79 is the author of a soon-to-be-released, historical novel that provides a new perspective on immigration during the early-20th century, that of the Filipino. Brave Crossing: A Journey In-Between begins in the Philippines and ends in Wisconsin. The main character, Ricardo Alvarez, comes from a privileged past, being a product of Spanish colonialism. The novel chronicles his journey and his struggles to assimilate, to accept limitations placed on people of color, and to find his place between two very different cultures. That he succeeds is a much-needed inspiration for the thousands of Spanish-speaking immigrants now calling Wisconsin home. The novel is inspired the author’s father’s journey, and in particular his silence. ‟He never shared his struggles. Only through years of research did I uncover his journey. This novel reminds us that historical fiction is not just a view into the past but, in many ways, a mirror to our present.”

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