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Macalester Grants Tenure to UW-Madison alumna: Andrea Kaston Tange

Macalester College has granted tenure status to UW-Madison alumna Andrea Kaston Tange, who teaches in the Macalester English department. She holds a PhD and MA from UW-Madison.

Kaston Tange’s interests lie in 19th-century British literature and culture, including travel narratives, colonialism and empire, gender and class identities, visual and print culture, domesticity, childhood, Anglo-Jewish life and migrations. She teaches “Novel: Domestic Adventures: Imperialism and the Comforts of Home,” “Feasts and Famines: Food, Hunger, and Consumption in 19th-century Britain,” “Seminar: Globetrotters and Armchair Travelers: Victorian Subjects See the World,” “19th-century British Lit: Writing the Self: 19th-century Authorship, Identity, and Pushing the Boundaries,” “Studies in Literature: Ghosts of the Victorians,” and “1859.” She holds a BA from the University of Vermont, magna cum laude.

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