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Guidelines for Submitting Alumni Notes

The purpose of the Alumni Notes web page and all other Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) news-sharing vehicles is to foster connections among alumni, and between alumni and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Submissions that incorporate the following types of remarks may not be posted:

  • Commentary on subjects that are not related to University of Wisconsin–Madison alumni.
  • Opinions about UW–Madison or UW System actions or policies.
  • Opinions about politics and/or religion.
  • Blatant advertisements, product or service endorsements, or sales solicitations. Descriptions of products, services, and companies should include only facts and not promotional descriptions.
  • Fundraising solicitations or announcements of charity events for entities that are not affiliated with UW–Madison alumni.
  • Political campaign endorsements. A submission may state that a graduate is running for office, but it may not promote the candidate’s qualifications.
  • News of events that have not happened yet (e.g., impending births). Please wait until such events have taken place before submitting this type of news.
  • Physical addresses of submitters requesting correspondence with readers. Email addresses will be included only if they appear in the news field.