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Favorite College Pad

My pad was at 534 W. Dayton Street (school years 1969–72) faced straight into Bedford. The house, along with much of our block, was demolished in early 1973 to make way for a hotel facing Johnson Street. Our front porch was a target for MPD tear gas canisters during any sort of civil disturbance. I was hired by Columbia Records as a college rep in September 1969. With our high visibility location, and a “Miffland” landlord who didn’t care, I engaged in some guerrilla marketing for the then-new group, Chicago, on our Columbia label. That initiative caught the eye of the big brass and led to summer jobs in Chicago at the sales branch, then in New York City at Black rock HQ, and upon graduation, my first post-college job at the CBS Records branch in Minneapolis. In all, my handiwork helped lead to a wonderful career in the record business, mainly in New York City, and then video games and computer software. My advice to young people — the way to get noticed is to do something. A couple cans of paint and some initiative led to my wonderful career.

— Jim Carne ’72

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