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Christian Schauf and Eric Janowak’s new venture, Uncharted Supply Company, to appear on Shark Tank

Early in 2016, Christian Schauf ’03 sat in LA traffic gridlock due to a light rain, thinking if rain can bring the city to a halt, what happens if there is an earthquake?  He realized people didn’t have the experience, or tools, to handle unforeseen emergencies, and that line of thought eventually led to an upcoming appearance on Shark Tank.

He founded Uncharted Supply Company, and asked Eric Janowak (BBA ’02, Marquette Law ’05) to help part time. By Christmas 2016, they had $450k in sales through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for their new product, an emergency survival kit called The Seventy2, and were building the kits out of their manufacturing facility (AKA Christian’s apartment).

Less than a year later, they’ve sold to over 75 countries, are closing in on $1m in sales and they’ve been working full time on their company since the Indiegogo launch. Christian will be introducing their flagship product, The Seventy2, to the world in the season premiere of Shark Tank on Sunday night, October 1st on ABC. They’ve since moved their business operations to the mountains of Park City from the beaches of Los Angeles.


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