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Picnic Point Running Reflections: Don Marx

Having been a Phy-Ed Major/Now Kinesiology and graduating in Dec. of 74 I’d like to share a picnic pt./Memorial Union run we had to make.
During the summer of 74 I was taking Phys of EX. to full fill a course requirement to get my degree.
The course required us to have 6 mile run upon finishing ore vitals were monitored .
The run was from the back door of the Nat. to Memorial Union and back to picnic point which was suppose to be 6 miles.
I was 30 yrs. old and a Viet Nam Era Vet going to get me degree via the G.I. bill.
I hadn’t run that far since I don’t know when. I never stopped and did very well because I must have been in decent shape.
What great experience to be able to reflect upon now.
Thanks for the opportunity to share thiis.

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