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David Joseph Marcou, BA-’73, Wisconsin’s Most Prolific Author’s Personal & Professional Accomplishments As of 12-7-19

David Joseph Marcou, BA-’73, Wisconsin’s Most Prolific Author’s Personal & Professional Accomplishments As of 12-7-19.

David Joseph Marcou has lived in London (1981), Seoul (1984-87), and US Midwest. He is a writer and documentary photographer of 1, 500 articles/essays/features; author of 15 plays, hundreds of poems, and 205+ books so far, including the award-winning 120+vol. ‘Spirit of America’ series. He also happens to be Wisconsin’s most prolific author.

Birth, Family Background, and Education

David J. Marcou was born Nov. 25, 1950 in La Crosse, WI. Roman and Ida Brunner Muskat were his mom’s (Rose’s, born in Dane Co.) parents. Roman raised national-award-winning poultry, bees, crops, later selling his Cataract, WI farm to a Christmas tree rancher. David A. Sr. and Agnes Fitzgerald Marcou were David J.’s dad’s parents and owners of Marcou’s Market on La Crosse’s Rose St. David J.’s parents are David A. Marcou Jr. (when he was 6 months old, the Buffalo, WI, Co. newspaper termed DvJM’s dad ‘The Buffalo of Baby County’ — i.e., short but powerfully-built), a meat-cutter, and Rose, a retired medical records coordinator. His parents married Valentine’s Day 1950, celebrating their 65th anniversary in 2015, 3 weeks before David A. passed. After graduating Aquinas HS in 1968 (also his parents’ school), David J. earned a BA in History (UW-Madison-’73), MA in American Studies (UI-Iowa City-’78), and BJ in Journalism (UM–Columbia-’84).

Marcou’s best teachers include his parents and ancestors; FSPA nuns (12 years); Jack Nockels; Jim Southworth; UW’s Dan Rodgers (whom he took many classes with and who’d win the Bancroft Prize for “Age of Fracture” at Princeton in 2009), Esther Jackson (his adviser 2 years, who was the US Dept. of Education’s first theatre specialist-1961 & who wrote the first book re: Tennessee Williams’ plays), Tom Ryan; Iowa’s John Raeburn, Jon Walton, Sherman Paul, Rich Horwitz, Al Stone, Ed Folsom, Hanno Hardt; UM’s JH Whale, Veita Jo Hampton, Angus McDougall, Ernie Morgan, Karen List, and its Authors Group. Emeritus Profs. Roger A. Grant and Darryl Moen are mentors. Marcou has worked as a newspaper-carrier, meat-cutter & grocery clerk, UPS warehouse-man, sports manager-trainer, professional note-taker, lifeguard, librarian, custodian, clerk-typist, teacher, photographer, journalist, & editor. His siblings are: Dennis, a judge/attorney; Dan, a Wis. SWAT Officer of the Year (2005), author, & PoliceOne columnist; Tom, an Air Force veteran and former federal accountant now building/selling houses with wife Joy, a former civilian Defense Dept. employee; Diane M. Skifton, a policewoman; Lynn Marcou, a government worker; and Mary Kate M. Temp, an accountant. All the Marcou children have children.

David married Spanish teacher Ann Majeska in 1972. In 1974, they saw Sagreda Familia, Prado, and plays starring Jason Robards, Colleen Dewhurst, Charles Durning, Diana Rigg, Sir John Gielgud, and other greats. Next, Marcou was a UW drama grad student, transferring to UIowa in 1977. After earning his American Studies MA in 1978, David was the full-time clerk-typist for the UW-Madison graduate center soon renamed the Robert M. LaFollette School of Public Affairs—typing letters, articles, and books for Carl Runge, Dennis Dresang, William H. Young, George Gant (a former TVA GM), Clara Penniman (center-founder and first woman professor in the UW Poli. Sci. Dept.), John Witte, et. al. David and Ann divorced in 1979.

Professional and Personal Life

Enrolling in Sept. 1980 at University of Missouri-Columbia, David Marcou’s first photo-story covered Patrick Clark, a tough 5-year-old with spina bifida and good sense of humor. In 1981, his first paid commission was for Missouri Life magazine on Hannibal (in 2013, his lead Hannibal photo was named a top-40 photo in ML history). A London Sunday Times intern in 1981 under John H. Whale, Marcou interviewed ex-Picture Post magazine staffers Bert Hardy and James Cameron, plus Mrs. Bert (Sheila) Hardy. His photo of Bert with dogs is in the Photos Collection of Britain’s National Portrait Gallery. Marcou interviewed Maurice McMullan, brother of 2 IRA Maze Prison hunger-strikers. And he reported on the tense meeting between 50 IRA relatives and Crd. Basil Hume at London’s Catholic Cathedral rectory soon after Bobby Sands’ in-prison starvation death; 2-event paralympic champ Rudi Christopher; Canonbury preschool; immigration; medicine; artist Erica Daborn; A. Shepp and C. McGhee at Camden Jazz Festival; Almeida Theatre; and El-Hakawati, the only professional Palestinian drama troupe then, which would become the National Palestinian Theatre, both directed by Francois Abu Salem. Marcou’s flat-mates at 13 Willow Bridge Road included Pinki Virani, author of ‘Once Was Bombay’, ‘Aruna’s Story’ (PV’s account as advocate for an Indian nurse on life-support many years after being raped), ‘ Bitter Chocolate’ (re: Child Sex Abuse in India) ‘Deaf Heaven’, etc.; and Calvin Lawrence Jr., a Newsday Editorial Director.

Graduating UM-C, Marcou became a lead Yonhap News Agency copy-editor in Seoul, during which time he met and photographed St. Mother Teresa (1-27-85). In 1986, he reported/edited for Business Korea magazine, was Industry Editor for Korea-Europe Economic Report, and married fashion designer/merchant Suk-Hee Sim, divorcing in 1992; they have one son together, Matt. In 1990 David edited the Adams-Friendship weeklies; one of his photo-essays was ‘A Day in the Life of a Country Vet’, on Wis. veterinary board chair JA ‘Doc’ Hines (also a state legislator). Marcou was La Crosse correspondent 13 years for Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, reporting on the Coon Creek Riot of 1991; a triple-homicide trial; many mysterious river-deaths, including nephew Tony Skifton’s; etc. He’s been published in Smithsonian mag, RPS (Royal Photographic Society) Journal, British Journal of Photography, New York Times, etc. Among his 1-man photo-shows was ‘For the Ladies Who Like Rossini’ (Seoul, 1984). His ‘Picturing Our World’ La Crosse Public Library Jan. 2000 show comprised 500 photos, some by his son.

David Marcou’s photos are street, event, portrait, and fine-art images, including homeless, Amish, St. Mother Teresa, 5 US Presidents (Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama, & Trump), Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Tammy Baldwin, Paul Ryan (David nicknamed Ryan ‘The Lincoln from Wisconsin’ in 2011 when he cadged a shot of PR texting while walking near his office in DC), the Gingriches, Manya Friedman, Cipora Katz, Gerda Klein, Anne Frank’s step-sister Eva Schloss, Magda Herzberger, Estelle Laughlin, Elie Wiesel, Patrick Desbois, Mariah Idrissi, Soledad O’Brien, David Brooks, Ed Asner, Ray Burke, Wm. Callahan, Gerald Listecki, Lord Runcie, Katharine J. Schori, Jesse Jackson, Andy Young, Danica Patrick, Bart & Cherry Starr, Paul Hornung, Brett Favre, Alan Page, Barry Alvarez, Paul Chryst, Joel Stave, Ron Dayne, Mel Gordon, Corey Clement, James White, JJ Watt, Jack Coan, Bronson Koenig, Juan Williams, reporter John Roberts, American Writers Museum founder Malcolm O’Hagan, the PBS News Hour staff in-studio (including Jim Lehrer & Judy Woodruff), Merle and Theresa Haggard, Caroline Kennedy & Sharon Stone. Virgil, J. Caesar, Shakespeare, Hawthorne, Dickens, Twain, Dickinson, Whitman, Yeats, Faulkner, O’Neill, Harper Lee, Art Miller, Dylan Thomas, Lorraine Hansberry, JN Niepce, Mathew Brady, Jacob Riis, Lewis W. Hine, Dorothea Lange, Margaret Bourke-White, Gordon Parks, H. Cartier-Bresson, Tim Gidal, Jon Tarrant, Rick Wood, Robert Frank, Annie Leibovitz, John Loengard, Ralph Morse, Harry Benson, Wm. C. Beall, Bob and Cornell Capa, August Sander, Tony Chung, Viv Maier, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Sir Winston Churchill, the Roosevelts, Lord Snowdon, Sally Soames, Jane Bown, Sammy Lee, WE Smith, Andre Kertesz, also another James Cameron (b. in La Crosse, founder of America’s Black Holocaust Museum), John Medinger, Tim Kabat, and Patrick Zielke are among his writing subjects.

David Marcou has authored ‘All the Best’ (the first complete history of Picture Post, Britain’s most-read WWII mag); ‘The Cockney Eye: Bert Hardy (1913-1995)’; ‘Crucial Collaborations’ (Hardy/Cameron in Korea); ‘James Cameron’s World (1911-1985)’; ‘Lewis W. Hine, 1874-1940’; and his take on world photo history, ‘The Photographic Spirit’. In 2013, aided by the National Library and Archives of Quebec and the La Crosse Diocesan Archives, he verified his family’s direct descent from explorer Louis Joliet (‘From Joliet to Marcou in Wisconsin’). He photographed 5 editions of ‘American Eyes’. w/his son; emeritus BJP editor Jon Tarrant noted, ‘[the Marcous’] American pictures are authentically patriotic, and their pictures of people, uniquely personal.’

After directing-editing the first 3 group-volumes of ‘Spirit of America’, David has photographed-authored-edited many dozens more SA vols., including ‘Heroic Disabled’; ‘Everyday New Yorkers in BW’; ‘The Washingtonians’; & ‘The Persistent Eye of the People’ (his 150th book). Also he directed/co-edited the group photo-book ‘Light, Shadow, & Spirit’(2003) emulating Edward Steichen’s ‘Family of Man’ (1955); and researched/authored ‘The People’s Champions: Further Expanded Edition – Fifteen 20th Century Documentary Photo Masters’(2019). Other DvJM SA volumes—e.g., subtitled ‘Some of My Impressions of Women’; ‘Street Photos with Eyes Open’; ‘La Crosse Eye’; ‘Good in the Details’; ‘Black Diversity Revisited’; ‘Mr. Twain’s Secret, Main Street’; ‘Never Giving Up’; ‘Uncommon Sense’; ‘Simple Gifts’; ‘Gratitude’; ‘Visually Captivating (Portraits)’; & ‘Learning Humble, Grateful, & Careful'(SA50)—cover a variety of found-life people and places, including public events. His books also include the group photo-book he directed, edited, and was lead-photographer for in 2016, ‘SA31, 2nd Edition: Service and Peaceful Evolution’, plus individual-SAefforts ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’s Photographic Eye’, ‘Words That Move’ (10 plays by DvJM), & ‘To Sir & Lady with Love”.

Marcou has authored his life-story (‘If I Do the Research, the Lord Brings Me Luck’, 1992); British and Korean memoirs; and 1998 novel ‘Chosen’. He’s photographed his 18-vol. ‘Human Character’ series (incl. ‘American Women in Photos’ and ‘American Eye Abroad’), plus his 4-vol. ‘The Tenacity of Pleasant Surprises’. ‘Evolving Happiness’ is his poetry book dedicated to his parents’ 65th Valentine Wedding Anniversary (2015). ‘Playful Daffodils’ is his 2015 book of then-re-discovered 1985 poems. His first book (photos) was ‘Calling America’ (Seoul, 1986). He leads the American Writers and Photographers Alliance (begun via adult Western Tech College classes he taught), and has assigned, compiled, sequenced, and edited ca. 1,000 co-creators’ works. He’s raised financial sponsorship, hired/paid designers, printers, and other pros, and paid all bills on-time. He’s written 15 plays, including his Pulitzer-nominated ‘Remembering Davy Crockett’ (2012, with Steve Kiedrowski as lead-actor); ‘Bloody Math: An American Tragedy in Three Acts’ on the 1970 anti-war bombing of UW-Madison’s Sterling Hall; ‘As Angels Do in Heaven’, a semi-fictional drama based on Bert Hardy’s life; ‘Borderline’, a thriller set near Korea’s DMZ; a coffeeshop duologue ‘Korean Love Song’; and ‘Song of Joy–Or the Old Reliables’, his sequel to Sean O’Casey’s classic tragicomedy ‘Juno and the Paycock’. Marcou’s comic sequel shows pub crawlers Boyle and Daly sober after decades drunk. Colleen Hogan directed its pub/fight scene at Irishfest-La Crosse in 2008, and soon after, its full staged reading as a community event, to begin Aquinas HS’s 80th year. Marcou later revised SOJOTOR based on a positive National Theatre of Ireland critique. One of his newest published plays is ‘The Marceaus of Prospect Street’, based on the lives of his own birth-family.

Awards and Distinctions

In addition to two Pulitzer-nominations for ‘Remembering Davy Crockett’ and La Crosse Tribune op-eds, and two Pictures of the Year International book-submissions, Marcou led AWPA to Sept. 12 Guild’s top award for Sept. 2001’s ‘Spirit of America, V1’ (received in 2002 from Greg Hilbert at Mary Eisenhower’s People to People Global Conference in Kansas City, Mo.)—2-time Pulitzer-winner David McCullough called SA1, which includes works by 115+ creative co-contributors, a ‘sumptuous treasure trove’. In 2006, AWPA earned Gov. Jim Doyle’s Governor’s Commendation Award for the Marcou-led ‘Spirit of the World’. Co-authors for the group books include students, teachers, officials (e.g., all 8 then-living governors Marcou enlisted for 2005’s ‘Spirit of Wisconsin’), entrepreneurs, nurses, journalists, photographers, archivists, sponsors, and other friends, including the Freiberg Family of Wausau, WI, and David W. Johns of Overland Park, KS).

In Marcou’s ‘Pictures of Human Life’, R.A. Grant notes: ‘David has woven a tapestry of the human spirit that transcends cultural, geographic, and ideological boundaries.’ His works are in Korea’s National Assembly Library, Brit. National Portrait Gallery Photos Collection, MOMA, ICP, and Eastman House Libraries in New York, Smithsonian(SI), US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Missouri and Wisconsin Historical Societies (including DvJM’s online WHS gallery), Library of Congress, UW-L, Viterbo University, AHS, and La Crosse Public Library Archives (including his works on LPLA’s La Crosse History Unbound website), & his substantial web-page on the University of Missouri Journalism School Library website. once published 3,600+ photos taken by DvJM. In 2011-2012, DvJM’s personally-taken 2008 photos of Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee were in SI National Museum of American History Archives Center’s group-show ‘Gift of the Artist’ (SI Curator: David Haberstich). SI National Museum of the American Indian owns 32 photos DvJM took at the ‘Last Stand Symphony’ world debut Apr. 24, 2008 dress rehearsal, at Viterbo U., with La Crosse Symphony Orchestra led by Amy Mills; composers were: 3-time Grammyist Jewish-Mahican Bill Miller (featured musician); Joshua Yudkin; and Kristin Wilkinson. Eight of David’s presidential campaign photos are in Dec. 2009’s group-feature ‘Documenting the Decade’, more images than any other single photographer’s contributions there. And David J. Marcou’s best photo-portrait of his parents (David A. & Rose C. Marcou) celebrating their 60th Valentine Wedding Anniversary in 2010 was once long-published on Guardian newspaper’s blog, on the theme of ‘Strong’.

David Joseph Marcou’s photos of and many letters from St. Mother Teresa; Yonhap News Agency job (hired via Prof. Won Ho Chang); and son Matt, are mentioned in Steve Weinberg’s centennial history of the UM Journalism School (world’s oldest J-school), ‘A Journalism of Humanity’ (p.126, first edition 2008).


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For more information, visit U. of Missouri Journalism Library’s webpage for David Joseph Marcou works.

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