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Fellow Badger Works to Address Mental Health Crisis Through Parents: Dana Basu

While our society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of mental health, we haven’t as a whole identified a method for addressing the mental and emotional challenges people face. Quite often we don’t even recognize there is a problem until it impacts someone else.

In her 11 years of providing therapy, Dr. Dana Basu has observed the way problems tend to get passed down within families from one generation to another. She spent her early years working with children to help them attempt to overcome those problems, but realized there was a better way. That’s when her focus shifted to parents and soon-to-be parents. By helping parents work through their own problems and wounds, she has been able to help them interrupt the intergenerational transmission of trauma, which offers the next generation a solid foundation for their own mental health.

This past year Dr. Basu opened her own private practice, Everything But Crazy, to provide integral mental health services to parents and soon-to-be parents all over the state of California. She is looking forward to continuing this work and improving the mental health of the families she serves.

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