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2011 Grads Marry in Buffalo!: Christopher Arnold, Mary (Grode) Arnold

On September 9th, 2017, Chris Arnold ’11 and Mary Grode ’11 married in Buffalo, NY. Chris’ parents are Neil and Jane Arnold from Williamsville, NY and Mary’s parents are Nick and Jan Grode from Menasha, WI. Chris and Mary met while residents in Ogg their freshman year and began dating their sophomore year. Both studied Biological Aspects of Conservation, but Mary one-upped Chris with a double major in French. After years of dating, Chris convinced Mary to move to his hometown of Buffalo in 2013. Go Bills! In July of 2015, they got engaged soon after buying a house in Allentown, a hip neighborhood close to downtown Buffalo. If you haven’t noticed, Chris is a Buffalo booster and thinks that more grads should move here!

Chris works in marketing for Lactalis American Group representing President branded cheeses and Mary works at Rich Products as a speed to market coordinator for their pizza division. Both companies are headquartered in Buffalo.

The couple was joined by family and friends at the Karpeles Manuscript Library for the ceremony and Asbury Hall/Babeville for the reception. They “imported” their photographer, Molly Jo, from the Appleton area.

Pictured from left to right are: Kerry Read ’11, Leanne Demery ’11, Jamie Landry ’11, Daniel Rothberg, Natalie Gugenberger ’11, Brendan Geisenhoff ’11, Amy Mossman ’11, Zach Schlei ’11, Chris Arnold ’11, Mary Grode ’11, Matt Jablon ’11, Avi Bagadia ’11, Will Barnes ’11, Dominic Pitera ’11, Ben Steffes ’11, Tom Russo ’11, Lisa Vigen ’11, Ali Weeks ’11, Mary Soom ’71, Mary-Ellen (Yerkovich) Burke ’75, Andres Soom MS’61, PhD’76, Maggie Cook ’11, and Peter Kadin ’11.

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