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Meet a Badger – Introducing Andi Blaylock ’93

We’d like to introduce you to Andi Blaylock, our next featured Badger alum! She is the Director of Wellbeing at Emerson and currently serves as our Scholarship Committee Lead for the Gateway Badgers.

  1. What is your hometown?

Right here in St. Louis!

  1. Which years did you attend the UW?

From 1990-1993. Thanks to my high school AP classes I graduated a semester early.

  1. What was your major and what degree did you obtain?

I initially majored in Psychology but transferred to the School of Education and graduated with a degree in Rehabilitation Psychology. The programs were similar but in Rehab Psych we were able to complete an internship.

  1. Where do you live now?

In the Central West End in the city of St. Louis.

  1. Describe your current job and career path. 

I am the Director of Wellbeing at Emerson. This is a newly created role and part of the company’s cultural transformation. After graduating UW, I earned a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan (although I never became a Wolverine fan!) After many years in traditional social work roles in child welfare, I moved into the field of workplace mental health, where I have been for the past 18 years.

  1. What is your favorite Badger memory?

Oh gosh, that’s hard! But going to the 1994 Rose Bowl just two weeks after I graduated has to be at the top. It was the Badgers’ first Big 10 championship since the 1960s. So many of us went to Pasadena for the game they called it Madison west! The victory was especially sweet because my first year at UW was Barry Alvarez’s first year as coach, so I watched him take our team from obscurity to triumph in four years.

  1. How would you describe your education from the UW?

My education at UW set the foundation for an interesting and rewarding career. Being able to have real world intern experience as an undergraduate helped me identify my future career path. I was also able to take some unusual electives that exposed me to information I would not have normally learned.

  1. What is your involvement with WAA: St. Louis Chapter? 

I moved back to my hometown of St. Louis in September 2020 and the Gateway Badgers is one of the first groups I joined. I have attended several game watches and serve on the scholarship committee, awarding dollars to St. Louis area students who are attending the UW.

  1. Do you have any hobbies?

I like to run and I like to travel so I have combined these hobbies by participating in the 50 States challenge to run a half marathon in every state in the country. I don’t think I’ll meet that accomplishment but it’s really fun anyway and of course I completed Wisconsin by running a race in Madison.

  1. What would you tell prospective students who are considering the UW?

Go! Not only will you receive a world-class education, you will do so on a beautiful campus situated on a lake. And with so many diverse people and activities, you are guaranteed to make friends for life. In fact, I recently hosted four of my friends from Witte Hall here in St. Louis. We have been friends for over 30 years and regularly visit each other all around the US and of course back in Madison.

  1. Were you involved in any clubs, sports, or organizations?

No, but I did attend every Badger football game over all four seasons.