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Student Scholarships

Our scholarships are made possible by the generous support of UW alumni, chapter supporters and the University of Wisconsin Foundation. The scholarships are an important and worthwhile investment in our future. Take a look at comments our chapter has received from some of the students we have supported.

Dear Lakeland Badger Chapter,
I am doing well in my second year here at UW-Madison. I had a successful fall semester, making the Dean’s Honor List in the College of Engineering. Over break I was admitted to the engineering mechanics program, and I’m excited for the broad opportunities the program will bring to me.  While my studies are rigorous, I still try to remain involved in extracurricular activities. I do so mainly by my membership in Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. I have been elected pledge educator for 2017, and I look forward to teaching the new spring pledges after rush.

I’d like to thank the Lakeland Badger Chapter again for creating the opportunity for me to attend this amazing university. I’m a third-generation Badger and I feel very honored to be here at UW-Madison. I am lucky to be from a small and gracious community; your support has been incredible.


I am really enjoying my time in Madison. I am very excited to be living Sellery Hall as it was my first choice and I have made a lot of good friends in the time I've spent here. I enjoy going to the football and basketball games, and hanging out with my friends.

I am currently fulfilling my Gen Ed requirements because I am still undecided in terms of my major. Some classes I have taken so far include Economics 101, Chemistry 103, Sociology 120, and a Legal studies course. This semester I have begun Chemistry 104, Nutritional Sciences 132, Medical History 133, and Anthropology 104.

The coursework here at UW Madison is challenging but also engaging and very manageable. I'm very thankful I chose to go to school here and even more thankful for the scholarship that is assisting my pursuit of a degree from UW-Madison.


Hello Hank,
I had a very relaxing Christmas Holiday after another exciting semester here at UW Madison. I am majoring in Biology with Pre-Health Aspirations. For life, outside of the classroom, I am currently conducting research with a post doctorate in a breast cancer lab at the Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research, I also work part time for another lab at this location. This past summer I worked for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences as a SOAR Peer Advisor helping incoming freshmen and transfer students create a schedule for the fall semester. This semester will be my third with the Badger Volunteers and in this organization, I have volunteered at a local food pantry, elementary school, and a nursing home. It feels good to give back to the community that I have called home for the past few years. I am also on the board of my student organization I started as a Freshmen called Student Emergency Medical Services (SEMS). This semester I will also be volunteering at a local hospital to get my clinical experience before applying to medical school! For fun, I actively participate in intramural sports because I refuse to let my love for competitive sports die. I would like to thank the Lakeland Badger Chapter - Wisconsin Alumni Association for the scholarship allowing me to explore and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities the University of Wisconsin-Madison has to offer. Each day I take as an opportunity to make my hometown proud! On Wisconsin!

Thank you,


Hello Hank,
I graduated from UW-Madison in May this past year, so I do not really have much of an update as to my time at UW. I am, however, going on to Physical Therapy School at University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus in June. I hope this message finds you well and you have a great weekend!


My second year at UW-Madison is full of great experiences. I’m currently a social welfare major but I’m taking a variety of courses I’m potentially interested in majoring in so I can decide for sure. I’m thankful I chose to live in the dorms my first year where I met many awesome people; however, my apartment this year is amazing. I still enjoy Jumping Around at Camp Randal but I also like meeting up with friends at College Library to catch up on my homework. I cannot believe I’m almost half way done with college experience. Lastly, I would like to thank the Alumni Association for the generous scholarship which helped make my experience possible!


Good afternoon Hank,
I hope all is well in northern Wisconsin, and that you had a wonderful holiday too! I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison last May (2016) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and English, but I would happy to provide you with an update nevertheless. I am currently pursuing a J.D. at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in Philadelphia and am hope to begin a Certificate in Management at the Wharton School of Business next fall. I expect to graduate in 2019.

Also, I spent my last semester at the University of Wisconsin studying abroad in London and simultaneously working at a law firm located there! It was an amazing opportunity, and I was able to wrap up at the end of April so I could return for the graduation ceremony at Camp Randall.
I will always remember by time at UW-Madison fondly, and plan on going back to campus at least once every year. This past November, I flew to Madison (despite being bogged down with hundreds of pages of cases to read) and went to the Homecoming football game against Illinois and reconnected with some of my best friends from undergrad. Even though I’ve moved to the east coast to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer at an Ivy League institution, the University of Wisconsin will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for your support throughout my journey!


Madison has been great so far! I am currently taking my intro chemistry course as well as math and a speech class. I've started courses that are specific for my environmental studies certificate. I've adjusted to the school very easily and my transition was smooth. I'm enjoying my time here and beginning to look for opportunities to start working in a lab. It's good to hear from you all. Thanks for checking in!


I received a Lakeland Badger Chapter of the WAA scholarship in 2013. I am now in my fourth and final year of my undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Most recently, I am completing my senior research project for my major, Plant Pathology, in Doctor Douglas Rouse's Laboratory. I conduct research on the ecology and epidemiology of aphanomyces root rot on alfalfa. I am also an Apiary Intern at Allen Centennial Gardens, which I may utilize by WWOOFing in Hawaii as a beekeeper after I graduate. In the last three years, I have also worked in a Field Crops Pathology Laboratory under Doctor Damon Smith and at the US Dairy Forage Research Center in Doctor Michael Casler's Laboratory.

I have been involved in a coed fraternity, Delta Theta Sigma, since my Sophomore year. I have made most of my friends, wonderful people who have helped me get through the lows and celebrate the highs of college, through the organization. I am currently on the Executive Council as the organization's Secretary. More recently, I have joined the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Student Association and the Dean's Advisory Board.

I lived in the Substance-Free Community dorms for one year, the fraternity house for two years, and now by myself in a studio apartment since May 2016. I don't live completely on my own, as I adopted a hedgehog whom I named Chubbs.

Also, notably, I studied abroad in China this last summer. The experience was, to sound like a cliche, life changing. I hope to travel to China again within the next five years.

I'm looking forward to graduating, but am glad that I have one semester left to close this chapter of my life. College isn't how I thought it would be; my expectations have been both diminished and surpassed since I first moved into the dorms as a wide-eyed 18-year-old in the fall of 2013. I'll graduate with both a degree in an in-demand major and the experience that this crazy, amazing part of my life gave me. That would be impossible without the help of kind, generous people like you folks, who were once in my shoes and may have similar things to say about their years as a Badger.

Thank you, and ON Wisconsin,


Hello Mr. Roessel,
My first year at UW Madison has been great! I've already had the opportunity to take classes that are very much in line with my interests and are taught by professors who have a deep passion for the material. On campus, I have joined Wisconsin Surma, a competitive Bollywood fusion dance team, and participate in Model United Nations. Through both of these activities, as well as my classes, I have been able to interact with some of the student body, and have formed close friendships and connections. Overall, I am extremely happy with my decision to attend UW Madison and am eager to continue my studies here over the next several years!

On Wisconsin!

Hi Hank!
I'm starting the second semester of my junior year at UW-Madison. I have changed my major to the new Neurobiology Major offered on campus, and I am also obtaining an Honors Degree in Liberal Arts. I am still an aspiring pediatric neurologist, and I will take the MCAT and apply to medical school at the end of the year. This semester I am taking developmental neurobiology, behavioral neurobiology, physics, and East Asian refugees of the Cold War. I currently work part time in the Department of Anesthesiology as a student research assistant for Matthew I. Banks. I am working on developing an animal model for delirium. I am also helping with a clinical trial in the Wisconsin Sleep Lab that involves studying patients with epilepsy, an experience that is more than rewarding. I volunteer once a week at a local middle school working with students on science projects. I feel I can call Madison my home away from home. I adore this campus, and I am extremely grateful for the Lakeland Badger Chapter Alumni and the scholarship supporters that have helped make my dream come true. There is no other school I would wish to attend. On Wisconsin!

All the best, Hank. Have a wonderful day!:)

My time at UW-Madison continues to fly by faster than I’d like. My junior year has been my favorite thus far because I finally am able to take courses that directly relate to my future field of study. I am going to be majoring in Kinesiology, and am planning on going to medical school post-undergrad!
I am a volunteer at Meriter hospital in the maternity ward and am employed as a student assistant at the McClain Center (Sports Medicine Clinic for student athletes).

I also have been an undergraduate research assistant at the Carbone Cancer Center. My individual project was trying to discover the mechanisms behind Focal Adhesion Kinase and IGF1R on metastatic triple-negative breast cancer patients.

Along with my studies, research and employment I have been a part of some really amazing clubs on campus. My favorite, and the one that I am most involved in, is called Cardiac on Campus. This club promotes basic cardiac knowledge and emergency procedures (CPR, AED) to college students!

Going to school in Madison is so much more amazing than I ever thought it would be!
Thank you for your continued support over the years!


Hello Mr. Roessel,
This coming Tuesday I will be starting my final semester at UW Madison! I am very excited and proud of myself for earning my Bachelors in Business Administration for Marketing. I spent a lot of time and effort on my studies to maintain an above average GPA, but I still made sure to have some Badger fun. I was lucky enough to get student season tickets for football every season during my college career! Though the morning of buying tickets through the busy online server can be very stressful, it was always worth it. Badger game days were easily my favorite days in the fall. I also became very involved with student organizations. I have been a member of four different organizations over the course of my four years. For my last year, I chose to focus mainly on my favorite organization, American Marketing Association, and became a member of the executive board as Vice President of Community Outreach. I plan on continuing my membership in the national chapter of AMA after graduation.

With graduation coming up in May, I have also been focusing much of my attention on my job search. I am hoping to find a job in Marketing or Advertising in the Milwaukee area. So far, I have had a few interviews, but I am still hoping to find the right fit for my skills and interests. With the bulk of my course requirements completed, I am happy to have a less hectic semester this spring to allow me to focus on my career aspirations.

Thank you for reaching out to me, I hope all is going well for you and all the members of the Alumni Association. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to know or would like me to do for you. Have a great weekend!


Good Evening Mr. Roessel,
I’m so happy that I am chose Madison as I absolutely love it! The city is fantastic and I have adjusted very well. I’m living in Elizabeth Waters and my room has a beautiful view of the lake. The first semester, I took Shakespeare, Movies and Gardens, Linear Algebra and Elementary Matrices, Honors Chemistry 109, Women’s Choir and a Women in Science and Engineering seminar. I enjoyed all of my classes very much, even if I struggled at times learning how to manage my time. However, I did well in all my classes and still had time to enjoy all the opportunities that Madison offers. One of the highlights of my semester was attending my first Badger football game with my roommate; we arrived at the game early and we had second row seats right next to the tunnel to the locker room.

In this next semester, I will be exploring a couple different academic areas. I will be taking Economics 101, Biology 151, Theory of Single Variable Calculus, a Women in Science and Engineering Seminar, Ballroom Dance I and Women’s Chorus. I am trying to figure out what I would like to major in so I’m taking a variety of classes with some stress relief classes built in as well. This semester I am looking forward to finding a research position in an interesting lab on campus.

Aside from my academic classes I am very involved with the Chancellor’s Scholarship. In order to retain this scholarship, I must complete a certain amount of volunteer hours as well as attending all the meetings. I also am looking forward to finding some extracurricular clubs to join this spring. Thank you again for making it possible for me to attend this amazing school; I am looking forward to seeing what the new semester brings!

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything else!